Hayden and his cello

Hayden and his cello

My oldest son, Hayden, has started to learn the cello.

Every night, he carefully gets his cello out of its case and begins strumming the strings.

I won’t lie, it’s not pretty.

Whilst he’s getting better every day, he’s a long way from becoming the next Yo-Yo Ma.

This led me to wonder what Yo-Yo Ma was like the first time he played the cello.

Of course, we now know him as one of the most extraordinary artists in the world, but I’m sure that when he first tried, he wasn’t much better than our Hayden.

I’m not suggesting that Hayden is going to one day take the classical music world by storm, that takes great talent and years of diligent training. But he’s got to start somewhere. Michael Jordan wasn’t born playing basketball, but I’m sure that he had to start somewhere.

Warren Buffett wasn’t born making great investment choices, but he had to start somewhere.

J.K. Rowling wasn’t born a writer, but she had to start somewhere.

Bruce Springsteen wasn’t born a songwriter and performer, but he had to start somewhere.

Each of the above individuals are now renowned as being at the top of their craft.

But when they first started, their skills would have been rudimentary and their potential unrealised. It’s taken years of persistence and hard work to fulfil their undoubted talents.

But they had to start somewhere.

I don’t know what my kids are going to do with their lives, but they have a great opportunity to explore a wide range of experiences before focussing in on one or two things that they can be passionate about and excel in.

It’s my job as a dad to encourage them not to be put off by their clumsy first efforts and see if they can find their unique niche.

Because everyone has to start somewhere.

Is there something that you need to start?

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