Fame and heroism.

In our aims to define the world, we often confuse the two.

I hope that these definitions help you to decide which option to aspire to.

Fame requires a lot of luck (which is reliant on outside sources).  Heroism requires a lot of courage (which comes from within).

The name of the famous live on after they’ve died.  The legacy of the hero lives on after they’ve died.

You can compromise your values and still become famous.  Compromise is never an option for heroes.

Fame is seductive.  Heroism is sacrificial.

When you’re famous, people will want to know how.  When you’re a hero, people will want to know why.

People are famous for what they do in front of others.  People become heroes because of what they do when no-one is watching.

People are jealous of those who are famous.  People are impacted by those who are heroes.

Those who become famous never have enough.  Heroes live abundantly and generously.

You become famous for yourself.  You become a hero for God and others.

If you aspire only to become famous, you’ll never become a hero.  If you aspire to become a hero, fame is a possibility.

We’ve got enough famous people.  We need more heroes!

Don’t fall for our culture’s focus on the famous.

Aspire to a more noble calling.

Aspire to make the world a better place.

Aspire to be a hero.

Of course, there is a third option.  You can choose to do nothing, be nothing and impact nothing.

But you’ve been created for more than that.

So put your cape on and be the hero that we need you to be!

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