Just imagine a marvelous banquet that’s been prepared and you’re invited to join in.

Some people come to the table and sit there with the abundance of delicacies in front of them and wait for someone else to serve them.

The opportunity is right there, but they don’t act because they expect everything to land on their plate.

Some people come to the table and eat.

They don’t particularly like what they eat, but they eat anyway.

They have an unlimited choice in front of them, but they choose what they don’t like because it’s what they know and don’t think that they deserve better and don’t want to risk trying something new.  They mutter “better the devil you know” with their mouth full, not realising that what they don’t know isn’t necessarily the devil.

Then there are those who see what there is on offer in front of them, choose what they would like and eat.

Not at the expense of others, not until they burst, but enough to enjoy.

Life is a banquet and there are endless opportunities available for you.

Don’t wait for someone else to look after you, they won’t

Don’t put up with the same old crap in life when there are other choices available to you.

Fill up your plate and pick up a fork.

It’s dinner time!

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