A couple of weeks ago, Minnesota Timberwolves star, Ricky Rubio was coming out of a time-out with his team-mate, rookie Alexey Shved, he put his arm around him and said, “Change this face, be happy, enjoy.”

At the time, Shved had every reason to scowl.

The Timberwolves were expected to improve dramatically this season and challenge for a playoff spot, but they’ve had a horror run with injuries and are struggling to stay competitive.  At the time of this incident, they were losing the game badly and had lost 20 out of the last 24 games.

But Ricky wasn’t buying it and encouraged his team-mate to be optimistic.

“Change this face, be happy, enjoy.”

It worked, Shved smiled.

I suspect that most of us need a Ricky Rubio in our lives every now and then.

Someone who can help us to keep our chin up during the inevitable moments of disappointment that life gives us.

Someone who can remind us how lucky we really are.

Someone who is able to be a bright light during dark moments.

So how are you doing?

Having a bad day at work? “Change this face, be happy, enjoy.”

Kids driving you nuts?  “Change this face, be happy, enjoy.”

Think that the world is against you?  “Change this face, be happy, enjoy.”

Thanks Ricky for the reminder that whatever life throws at us, we have a choice.

And that choice is not dependent on our circumstances.

Not only that, but we can be the encourager, the cheerleader, the one who helps those around us to put life in perspective and remain optimistic during difficult times.

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