I’ve seen thousands of resumes over the years and have seen many mistakes.

I’ve seen diabolical spelling errors, poor structure and resumes that stretch to 10 pages long.

I’ve seen irrelevant information and even had a client whose email address identified him as a devil worshipper.

I’ve seen virtually every mistake that you can imagine, but the biggest error that can made on a resume has nothing to do with the words, length or template that’s used.

The worst mistake that you can make with a resume is to not use it.

If you have spent the time (or money) getting your resume prepared, why not send it out?

You obviously had a reason to get it done.

You may be out of work, you may hate your job or you may have ambitions and dreams that are yet to be fully realised.

So press send.

Don’t be scared, don’t hesitate and stop making excuses.

You’ve got a document that could get you the job that you need, so get it in front of people.

And if you get rejected, send it again.

And again.

And again.

The worst mistake you can make with your resume is to not use it, so use it.

And get that job that you’re after.

If you’re wondering, the second worst mistake you can make is probably that email address with satan worshipper in the title.

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