The world that we live in can seem so de-humanising sometimes.  We are constantly surrounded by technology and corporations have become addicted to increasing efficiency by any means, including the removal of truly human interactions.

As a consequence, we seem to have lost touch with each other.

We’ve lost the capacity to truly connect.

We have “friends” on Facebook whom we’ll never actually get to meet or personally talk to.

And in a world that’s growing more crowded by the day, we’re getting lonelier and more isolated from each other.

Too many times, we don’t make eye contact with the cashier at the supermarket, we don’t thank the waitress at our restaurant, we don’t use the name of the call centre worker that we’re talking to and we don’t smile at the cleaner in the office.

We just grunt and move on, treating them like an inanimate object that has no feelings.

And I’m not talking about responding to how nice they are, I’m talking about taking the first step ourselves.

Maybe it is their job to be friendly, but wouldn’t be nice if we took the lead?

Wouldn’t it be nice if we were the ones who re-humanised the world?

Imagine if we treated people with respect?

Imagine if we made a personal connection, even if it’s unspoken?

Imagine if instead of responding to rudeness with rudeness, we responded with kindness?

I’ve heard too many people complain that the world is becoming less connected and too cold.

Stop complaining and start connecting.

Re-humanise the world.

And change it for the better.

Who knows, maybe you’ll get better service as well!

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