7 in vinyl single

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There’s an old saying in the music business, “It ain’t final ’til it’s vinyl.”

It describes the process of creating a song, which is constantly tinkered with, tweaked and changed until it’s finally recorded.

Is that lyric OK?

Does that rhyme work?

Would another key be better?

Should it be faster?

Should the guitar be more prominent?

Should we add more percussion?  Some strings?  A glockenspiel?

Songwriters are rarely completely satisfied with their work and can be neurotic about the artistic process, but once a song is recorded and published it’s done.

And that’s the key to the process.

Sometimes, we’re never completely happy with our work and want it to be exactly right before others see or hear it.

That blog post seems to be missing a sentence.

That business proposal isn’t quite right.

That new product still has some rough edges.

But what if it’s never perfect?  Is that enough reason to keep it to yourself?

Too many people use perfectionism as a delaying strategy or excuse to not deliver their work.

Perhaps you’ve tinkered enough and now it’s time to reveal it.

If you’ve been playing around with your masterpiece for a long time, maybe you’ve done enough.  Maybe it will never be perfect, but it’s still good enough.

A songwriter doesn’t make a dime out of a song that doesn’t see the light of day, so there comes a time to stop tinkering and make it final.

So let’s hear it!

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