I know that sometimes what you’re doing can be difficult.

I know that sometimes you feel like giving up.

I know that sometimes you feel that what you’re doing doesn’t matter and that no-one notices your effort.

But before you stop, let me encourage you to do just one more.

Just one more push up.

Just one more page (whether you’re reading or writing).

Just one more phone call.

Just one more encouraging message.

Just one more prayer.

Just one more practice run.

Just one more…

At that moment when you feel like you’ve done enough, do just one more.

Push through the temptation to stop too soon and build up your strength to do more tomorrow.

It’s what champions do.

It’s what separates the best from the average.

It’s what will help you to achieve far more than you possibly could have imagined if you had only done what was comfortable.

What do you need to do one more of today?

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