Most people have a Plan A for reaching their goals.

It’s a strategy that they’ve devised that they hope will get them closer to their ideal future.

They read it somewhere, they heard about it from someone or they came up with the strategy themselves and they think that they’ve found the magic bullet for success.

But life isn’t always that easy and the first thing that you try doesn’t always work.

So what do you do then?

Do you give up?

Do you adjust your goals to something less ambitious?

Or do you go to Plan B?

But what if Plan B doesn’t work?

I would suggest that you try Plan C.

Then D, E, F, G & H.

Whatever it takes, don’t give up.

As a parent or leader, in your business, sporting club or church, keep innovating and trying different strategies.

Learn from your mistakes.

Ask, seek, knock.

Most successful people didn’t reach their goals because the first thing that they tried worked.

They got there because they kept persevering, even if it meant persisting beyond plan Z.

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