Tom, Dick and Harry grew up in the same area together.

They went to the same school, played in the same football team and had the same aspiration for when they grew up.

They all wanted to own their own coffee shop.

However, Tom didn’t really believe that he could do it.

And Dick couldn’t be bothered getting started.

That left Harry, who was confident enough to find an opportunity and had the initiative and drive to open a coffee shop that became very successful.

Every few weeks, Tom, Dick and Harry would meet at Harry’s coffee shop to catch up.

Tom would look around and wish that he had the confidence to do reach his dreams.

Dick would look around and wish that he had the drive to reach his dreams.

And Harry would look around and be rapt that he had reached his dreams.

Whether your aim is to own your own business, become financially independent, own your own home, write a book or lose weight, I believe that any Tom, Dick and Harry can do it.

But only those who believe that they can and do the work actually get there in the end.

Which one are you?  Tom, Dick or Harry?

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