It’s been another exciting year for the Better Life Coaching Blog, with traffic and subscriber numbers continuing to increase from month to month.

This blog has been going for almost three years now and has over 700 posts published, with a new post being added every weeknight (Australian time).

As we launch into another exciting year, here are the posts that have been viewed the most in 2012.

  1. 50 Great Coaching Questions
  2. Always Take the High Road
  3. The Emperor’s Seed – A Story About Integrity
  4. The Donkey in the Well – A Story Of Persistence
  5. Everyone, Someone, Anyone and No-one
  6. Sharpening the Saw – A Story About Continued Development
  7. The Eagle and the Chickens – A Story About Being Who You Are Meant to Be
  8. Three Feet From Gold  – A Story About Perseverance
  9. 8 Tips To Deal With Your Nerves in Interviews
  10. The Three Stages of Volcanoes – Which One Describes You?

Compared with the lists from 2010 and 2011, there are a few posts that a consistently popular and a few new additions.

Stories continue to be popular, so I’ll keep trying to find great stories to share and keep writing my own as well.

I’ve chosen to not include my About Darren page on this list.  It would have come in at number 6 if it was on there.

Thanks to everyone who has visited, commented, subscribed or shared from this blog during 2012.  It’s been the biggest year yet and I’m looking forward to even bigger and better things in 2013.

What was your favourite post from 2012?

Is there any subject that you like me to write more about (or less) in the year ahead?

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