A reed warbler works hard to create a complex nest set within the reeds of its habitat and proceeds to lay its eggs, only for the parasitic and nefarious cuckoo to come along and lay a much larger egg in the nest.

The egg of the cuckoo hatches sooner than the warbler’s eggs and the young chick pushes the warbler’s eggs out of the nest.

It then starts to squawk.


The poor, oblivious mum and dad reed warbler respond to the cuckoo chick’s squawks and start to feed him.

He keeps squawking and the warblers keep feeding him.

Soon, he’s bigger than his adopted parents.

But they keep feeding him until he’s big enough to fly away and live independently, leaving the poor warblers to look at each other and wonder what happened.

It wasn’t supposed to be like this.

They built a nest and laid eggs in it with dreams of raising a family and creating a legacy, but all they did was foster a cuckoo.

I’ve met a lot of people who have had career aspirations that haven’t quite worked the way they expected.

They started well and knew what they wanted, but then they got distracted.

It may be that the cuckoo in the nest was that they got comfortable in their current job and couldn’t be bothered taking it to the next level.

It may be that the cuckoo in the nest was that their job was meant to be a stepping stone, but it turned into quicksand and it seems that there’s no way out.

It may be that the cuckoo in the nest was a disappointment so they just gave up on their dreams.

Or perhaps the cuckoo in the nest was that they started to work for the money instead of doing something that matters.

Whatever the reason is, it’s become a nefarious cuckoo that’s squawking loudly, demanding to be fed and distracting them from what they really want from life.

If that’s you and you’ve gone off track from your career goals, it’s time to start building the nest again.

Write down your career goals and start taking meaningful action towards them.

This time, don’t get distracted and don’t get caught feeding something for an extended period of time that isn’t going to get you closer to your target.

Are you feeding the cuckoo or are you still on track with your ideal plan for your career.

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