The Magi Journeying

The Magi Journeying (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Two wise men, Melchior and Balthazar were about to leave for a long trip to Bethlehem (something about following a big star to the birthplace of the son of God).

As it was going to be such a long trip, they decided to add a third wise man to their group.  After all, the extra camel could be handy for carrying their supplies.

There were two candidates, Caspar and Nino.

They were equally matched in every way, so Melchior and Balthazar came up with a test to see which one was the wisest.

Caspar and Nino were to travel down a remote road and when they came to a fork in the way, the one who chose the best road would win the contest and become the third wise man.

Caspar and Nino saddled up their camels and started on their journey.

When they got to the fork in the road, they stopped for a moment.

Nino sat down to consider his options, carefully analysing the pros and cons of each path, while Caspar decided to go down the road that veered to the left.

Nino looked with surprise at his competitor and continued to consider his options.

A couple of hours later, a cloud of dust appeared from the left hand side road and a hot, flustered, sweaty Caspar appeared.

“Wrong path?” asked Nino.

“I guess so.” responded Caspar.

Suddenly, Melchior and Balthazar appeared.

“Congratulations!” they said together.

“Thanks very much.” said Nino.

“Not you,” said Melchior. “Caspar is the wise one.”

“Why?  He took the wrong path.” said Nino.

“No,” replied Balthazar, “He found out which path was wrong so that he could go down the right one while all you did is sit there thinking.  Wisdom isn’t over-analysing, it’s taking action and learning from the experience.”

Surprised and slightly flustered, Caspar got back on his camel and joined the other two wise men on their epic journey that has been retold for a couple of thousand years.

Not because he sat down and carefully considered all of his options at the expense of doing anything.

But because he took action and learned from the experience.

Do you want to be known as wise?

Spend more time taking action and less time procrastinating.

You never know where it will lead.

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