Logan, Madison and Hayden with Santa

I love Christmas and always appreciate receiving cards and letters at this time of the year that contain updates from friends and family regarding the year that’s just passed.

2012 has been another big year in our household, so here’s our own family update.

Our oldest son Hayden turned 7 in March and is growing up quickly.  He had another great year at school where he’s made some fantastic friends.  He is a ball of energy, unable to sit still or quiet for very long and he’s been kept busy by a variety of activities this year.  He’s continued his soccer and has continued to improve, with his left foot becoming more deadly every week.  He also did Auskick again (Australian rules football skills training), with the highlight of his year meeting Jeremy Howe from the Melbourne Football Club and the chance to represent the Casey Scorpions at half-time of a VFL match.  He also started karate and basketball skills training, and he will be joining a basketball team in 2013.  Add in swimming lessons during the summer months and you can see that he’s been kept very busy.  He is a lovely, sensitive boy who loves God and animals and his nightly prayers for God to grant a “clean heart and a happy heart” to everyone he knows are beautiful.

Madison turned 5 in November and her highlight has been starting ballet lessons.  Unlike her father, Madison is a natural dancer and she loves performing.  Her two concerts were very cute and she has shone on the big stage.  She also started karate this year and specialises in yelling loud Japanese phrases.  She and Logan completed a kinder program at a local Day Care centre this year and she made some very nice friends.

Logan also turned 5 in November and he continues to charm us with his smile and wit.  Much quieter than his older siblings, he can often fly under the radar, but he is a terrific little boy who loves superheroes and music.  He got a spider-man cd player for his birthday and very few things warm my heart more than listening to Coldplay’s “Paradise” with him at bed-time.  Logan started karate as well, although he wasn’t quite as sure about it as the other two.  Like his big brother, he enjoys playing sport and is looking forward to being old enough to participate in organised sporting competitions.

Madison and Logan both start at the Early Learning Centre of Hayden’s school next year in preparation for starting school in 2014.  They already know a few of the children in their class and are eagerly anticipating getting started.  They look very cute in their little uniforms as well.

Karen has done a terrific job running the day-to-day components of our resume writing and career services business.  She is a gifted administrator and her years working for Qantas have paid off with the outstanding service that she gives to our clients.  Whilst Karen’s had a good year in many regards, she has mourned the passing of her Dad and aunt Joy in the second half of this year.  This Christmas will be the first without Jack and will be a challenging one for her and the rest of the family.

For me, 2012 has been a great year.  I have finished working at CityLife and am grateful to have been given the opportunity to work there with some terrific people.  In 2013, Karen and I launch our business on a full-time basis and we’re excited about the future as we attempt to make a living doing something that we love.

We are looking forward to a couple of quiet weeks with the kids before we start to ramp up the marketing of the business.  Christmas is our favourite time of year as we spend time with loved ones, eat too much food and celebrate the birth of Jesus together.

From my family to yours, we wish you a Merry Christmas and pray that 2013 is even better than this year.

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