English: An echolocating bat (Myotis bechstein...

A bat searching for a moth. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I was watching David Attenborough’s Life of Mammals with my oldest son Hayden over the weekend.

This particular episode showed some amazing footage of bats catching moths.

First, we saw bats using sonar to catch their prey.

Then Attenborough showed moths who had the ability to detect the bats’ sonar and could avoid capture.

Then there was a species of bat that didn’t rely on sonar.  They had the extraordinary ability to hear when a moth moves its wings.

Even in an environment where there was the sound of rivers running and wind moving through the trees, they could detect even the smallest movement.

Hayden turned to me and asked with incredulity, “How can you hear a moth’s wings flapping?”

My response was, “You listen for them very carefully.”

Sometimes, we find ourselves in challenging situations when it’s difficult to find the opportunities that we need to move forward.

But if you are focused on looking for them, you can find them.

Even in the worst of economic situations, there are job vacancies and business opportunities.

Even in the most fractured of relationships, there are opportunities to build trust.

Even where there seems as though there is no hope, there are choices that can be made to make your situation better.

Even when God seems distant and silent, his voice can still be heard.

However desperate your situation is, there are always options.

They can be hard to see, hard to find, seemingly impossible to detect.

But if you stay focused, if you remain open to the possibilities and if you look really hard, you’ll find them.

Similarly, there are those who, even though life is going well, find something to complain about.  There may not be much that’s going wrong, but because they’re focused on finding reasons to feel disappointed by life, they find them.

What do you need to hear or see at the moment?

Look hard.

Listen carefully.

Persist in your endeavours.

You’ll find what you need and when you do, you’ll know what to listen for next time.