There’s a story of a young man who went to see a mentor.

The mentor said to him, “To be an effective leader, you need to learn how to make better decisions.”

“How do I learn how to make better decisions?” the young man asked.

“You need to get more experience.”

“How do I get more experience?”

“You need to make more bad decisions.”

It’s tempting to wait until everything is perfect before making a decision and taking action, but that’s not how life works and that’s not how we grow.

The reality is that making choices and doing anything of importance is a risk.  We may do the wrong thing, we may make a mistake and others may give us a hard time about it.

But the consequences of making a bad decision with good motives is rarely as damaging as making no decision at all.

So, if you want to make better decisions, just make decisions.

Do something… anything!

Take action, make mistakes and learn from them.

In time, you will more intuitive and wiser about the best course of action.

And that’s wisdom that you don’t get from over-analysing situations.

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