I’m a coach.

I love coaching, it’s a large part of who I am and I am rarely so alive as when I’m coaching someone.

But there’s a time for it.

I’ve seen a lot of people (and I’m sure I’ve done it myself) who have decided to go into coaching mode when it was unsolicited and unwanted.

Times when people are looking for a friend, not for advice.

Times when people are looking for someone to listen, not give advice.

Times when people just want to talk about life, not start setting goals.

Times when the coaching attempt is annoying and seen as arrogant.

Don’t make that mistake.

Make sure that you have permission to coach.

Make sure that the person you’re talking to is looking for a way forward.

Make sure that you are coaching for their benefit, not to make yourself look clever.

I’m also an encourager.

It comes very naturally to me and my radar is always on the lookout for opportunities to encourage others.

When it comes to encouragement, I don’t think that there’s ever a bad time.

If someone’s done something brilliantly or made a mistake, feel free to encourage them.

If someone’s having a great day or a bad one, feel free to encourage them.

The people around you should never feel as though they have to ask for encouragement.  It should be given generously and freely.

Coaching and encouragement.

You should always get permission for one and never need it for the other.

Get it wrong and people will start to avoid you.

Choose wisely and your influence and reputation will increase.

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