Marathon runners talk about experiencing “the wall.”

It’s a feeling that they get when they get to a certain distance and don’t feel as though they can continue.

The legs feel heavy, the mind starts to wander, strides shorten and an overwhelming feeling of self-doubt starts to take over.

More than 50% of marathon runners will hit the wall at some stage.  At that point, they each have a choice.

Stop or keep going.

Listen to the body screaming to give up or push through to the end.

Take advantage of the legitimate excuse to end or roll one leg after another until the race is completed.

If they stop, everyone will understand.

The symptoms will be explained to everyone within earshot and no-one will blame them for giving up.

“There’s always next time.” They’ll say.

But for those who resist the pain and find a way to push through the wall, after a while they feel better.

Their energy is renewed, there’s a new spring in their step and they now know that they can finish.

The excuse to finish was offered and rejected.

And the wall has lost its power.

Anything worth doing is hard.

Keeping your marriage vows, raising a family, starting a business, living true to your faith, providing leadership to those who need it, completing your education or any other worthwhile endeavour.

If you take them on, you will hit the wall at some stage.

You will feel as though you can’t go on, that it’s getting too hard and you will be presented with the perfect excuse to quit.

It’s at this point that you need to make a decision to keep going.

If you do, you will push through the wall and it will get easier.  Your resilience will build and you will know that you have the capabilities to make it though future challenges as well.

Seth Godin says, “No-one gives up at the 25 mile mark.”

That’s because the finish line is within reach.

Don’t give up.

Perhaps success is closer than you think.

Perhaps it’s just on the other side of the wall that you’re facing.

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