As a father of young kids, I often have to convince my children that there are no monsters in their bedrooms.

But like most kids, they still go through three stages of fear:

  • Imagining the monster.
  • Fixating on the monster.
  • Convincing themselves that the monster exists.

We go through this stage as kids, but do things change that much as adults?

Have you ever imagined a problem, become fixated on it and then convinced yourself that it really existed?

Only to find out later that it was just a figment of your imagination?

Most of the things that we fear are monsters under the bed.

They aren’t really dangerous, they can’t really hurt us and we’re the ones who give them power.

Fear of failure, fear of the unknown, fear of the opinions of others, fear of situations that we don’t control.

They keep us up at night and hold us back from maximising our capabilities.

It’s time to take away the power of fear and kill the monster once and for all.

How do we do that?

Take action.  Massive action.

Stop fixating on your fears and focus on your goals.

And over time, your mind will replace the fictitious monsters with the genuine confidence required to enable you to achieve remarkable deeds.

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