There are lots of reasons not to follow your calling:

  1. It’s not the right time.
  2. It’s too risky.
  3. How can I be sure that what I’m doing really is my life’s purpose?
  4. Everyone will think that I’m crazy.
  5. No-one I know is doing it, so why should I?
  6. I’m too comfortable and too well-paid compromising my calling in my current job.
  7. It’s too late, I’ve missed my chance.
  8. I’ll be too embarrassed if I fail and have to go back to my old life.
  9. It all seems a bit too hard.
  10. I’m not the sort of person who follows my calling, that’s for more deserving people.

Too many people use these and other reasons to excuse them from living a purposeful life that’s true to their life’s calling.

But you only need one reason to say yes to following your dreams.

You were placed here, with specific God-given abilities and talents to make a positive impact on the world.  There is a job to do, and only you can do it!

Do you really need any other reason?

And do all of the other reasons really outweigh it?

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