When we put our heart and soul into a project, we like to be noticed.

When we work on our craft and can see the improvement in our work, it’s nice if it makes a difference in someone’s life.

But what if it goes unnoticed and unappreciated?

What if you’re toiling away in anonymity?

What if no-one ever says thanks for all of your hard work?

Do you just give up?

Do you stand up on the table and yell for attention?

Do you settle for less and stop trying?

Or do you put your head down and get back to work?

If what you’re doing matters and if it’s important enough to you, then don’t get too caught up counting how many people notice you and give you credit.

That doesn’t mean that you don’t keep improving your skills.

And it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t market your credentials if you need to make money from them.

Just don’t get distracted in trying to pander to the masses.

It’s too easy to focus on who’s noticing instead of maximising your work.

So what should you do if nobody appreciates your work?

Van Gogh created 2,100 pieces of art from his late 20’s to when he died aged 37 and only sold one.

Remember that it’s not the adulation that matters, but the quality of the work.

If you sacrifice the work in your quest for more attention, you’re in trouble.

But if you keep maintaining an elite standard of work (whatever your field of endeavours), the appreciation may eventually come.

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