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Every great novel starts with a blank page.

Every brilliant musical composition starts with a blank manuscript.

Every inspirational presentation starts with a blank page.

Every jaw-dropping masterpiece starts with a blank canvas.

And every single day starts with a blank page as well.

You can stare at it for hours, ignore it, put it to one side or dispose of it (in the recycling bin of course), but the novel, composition, presentation, painting or productive day that you have within you doesn’t happen until you start to fill the page.

It won’t be perfect at first.

It probably won’t be perfect at the end either.

You will need to edit, re-write, erase and perhaps even start again, but you need to start.

If you don’t do anything about it, all that you are left with is another blank page, taunting you.

But if you get started doing what you are meant to do and continue to work on your craft you have the ability to create something remarkable.

So get your blank piece of paper out.

Stare at it.

Pray over it.

And start writing.

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