Greek mythology tells the story of Odysseus, who was travelling home to Ithaca after many years of travelling and adventures.

When within sight of his final destination he decided to have a nap.

His crew thought that he had a large amount of gold in a bag, so they opened it.  Instead of finding gold, they released the winds that were held there, blowing the entire fleet back out to sea.

As a result, Odysseus and his men spent many more years at sea, with many of them failing to return to their homeland.

How frustrating!

So close to home, the final destination within reach and a something as simple as a brief nap cost them years of hard work.

This story is a cautionary tale to us all.

When you have a goal, don’t take your eyes off it.

When it’s within reach, don’t get distracted.

When it’s time to deliver, don’t get cold feet.

Stay focused, keep working and finish the job.

You can sleep when you’re done.  There’ll be plenty of time then.

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