There’s a story of a man who had been working on a book for many years.

It was his life’s work and he was hoping that it would make him his fortune.

However, upon finishing the book, he was disappointed and feared that no-one would read it, so he put the finished manuscript in the bin.

His wife, who knew how hard he had worked on the book, was mortified and tried to reason with him, but the writer insisted that she not remove the manuscript from the bin.

Being the dutiful and obedient wife that she was (this was in the 1950’s), she took the bin, with its contents, to the publisher.

The book was eventually published and went on to sell millions of copies.

The author?  Norman Vincent Peale.

The book?  The Power of Positive Thinking.

If someone like Norman Vincent Peale can have bad days that cause him to lose hope then I’m sure it will happen to me and you as well.

Having people around you who have faith in your abilities will help a lot.

On those inevitable days when you’re not feeling confident or capable, you need peers and friends who can encourage you.

You need people who can assist you in making sure that your bad days don’t become bad weeks or bad months.

You’ll have bad days.

Do you have a network who can support you when you do?

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