If you’re going to have a fulfilling career, there will be times when you will need to invest in your future.

Work takes up such a large part of our lives that it would be a shame to look back and wish that you had done something that could have improved your career prospects and increased your opportunity to either find your dream job or advance further where you are.

You can choose to float along as you are, but I suspect that almost anyone could benefit from at least one of these options.

So here are four investments that you can make in your career that I hope are helpful.  I’ve put them in order of cost, although this doesn’t mean that they’re in order of potential benefit:

The $2 investment – A cup of coffee – One of the best investments that you can make is to buy someone a cup of coffee.

It could be with a mentor, a friend who works in the industry that you’re aspiring to or a recruiter who could potentially put your name forward for an interview, for the cost of a cup of coffee, you could be making a brilliant investment that could have significant long-term benefits.

A few years ago, I organised a coffee with someone who was a potential hiring manager.  I knew that he had an opening coming up and I was able to position myself in that conversation to fill the role.  That coffee turned out to be a great investment.

The $20 investment – A book – A great book can also be a terrific investment for your career.

It could be a personal development or motivational book, a general career skills book or it could be one that teaches you more about the kinds of skills that you will need to take the next step, this $20 investment (or perhaps $10 if you have a Kindle) could make a massive difference in equipping yourself for your future.

I once applied for a role that required an understanding of sales skills that I didn’t have.  $20 and a few hours of reading later and I had the required background to perform well in the interview and land the job.  Any time you invest $20 and it helps you to earn a few thousand dollars more per annum, it’s a great investment.

The $120 investment – A professional resume – As someone who has seen thousands of resumes over the years, I have seen the difference that a professional touch can make.

Of course, I’m slightly biased as Karen and I love writing resumes for people, but having someone who does this for a living can significantly increase your chances of getting through to the interview stage.

We have had numerous clients who have applied unsuccessfully for dozens of jobs before coming to us.  Armed with a professional resume, they then went on to get the job that they wanted, turning the fee that they paid into a fantastic investment.

The $1000+ investment – Additional study – There is little doubt that in this knowledge age that we’re living in any extra study you can do will have significant benefits to your career.

The cost will depend on what kind of course you complete, but this is a worthwhile investment that could reap great rewards in the years ahead.

For me personally, I invested $5000 a few years ago in a coaching course and it has paid for itself on multiple occasions, both in equipping me for further promotions and in giving me the skills required to create this blog and our business.  This course was another great investment.

There you have it.  4 investments of differing amounts that can reap a significant reward for you career.

Have you made any of these investments in your career?

Are there any other investments that you would recommend?

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