Ripple effect on water.

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’m sure that you’ve seen what happens when you drop a small pebble into a pond.

Ripples flow out from the point of impact, moving further away and slightly changing the surface of the water as it travels.

Sometimes, we use the phrase “ripple effect” to describe the unintended consequences of our actions.

The ripple effect of smiling at someone could be that they go on to have a great day.

The ripple effect of encouraging someone could be that they feel empowered to improve their performance.

But what if instead of making ripples, we made waves?

What if instead of throwing pebbles into the water, we threw boulders?

If a small action can change our surroundings, how much more will a massive action?

If we’re planning to change the world, let’s make as big a difference as we can.

If everything that we do somehow influences those around us, let’s intentionally increase our influence.

So, instead of dropping pebbles into the water and hoping that someone notices, why not throw such big rocks that everyone hears the splash and can’t help but see the difference that you’re making?

Why not do something so audacious that those around you watch in wonder and amazement at your courage and chutzpah and are inspired to make waves of their own?

And imagine the ripple effect that your waves will have!

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