Lufty Jumbo Jet

Jumbo Jet (Photo credit: Pylon757)

The pilot is in control of the plane and the passenger sits back and enjoys the ride.

Are you at the controls of your life or is someone else?

Are you making the important decisions about your future or does someone else do that for you?

Are you the one taking action or are you waiting for others to make your life better?

Do you have a destination in mind for your life or are you reliant on the whims of others?

Do you practice your skills so that you can get your life off the ground or do you just buy a ticket and sleep during the flight?

Are you happy to take responsibility for the hard work that goes into making your life a success or are you happy to sit in the back complaining about the airline food?

And when turbulence happens, are you the one struggling with the controls to get things back on track or do you look confused and wonder who’s going to fix your problem?

You have a choice.

You can either be the pilot or the passenger.

You must be one and you can’t be both.

Which one are you?

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