A juvenile giraffe (giraffa camelopardalis tip...

Pictured in Tanzania in a zoo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

You would never see a giraffe in the arctic snow.

You would never find a goldfish in the desert.

A lion would never be able to survive by itself on a deserted island.

And a kangaroo wouldn’t be able to cope in the ocean.

Yet so many people find themselves in work situations that they’re just not made for.

They have natural and God-given abilities that aren’t being used.

They find themselves completing tasks that they aren’t equipped for.

They end up working with, and for, people who rub them the wrong way.

And their personal values clash with the organisation or business that they’re working for.

A giraffe in the snow is never going to thrive or be all that they can be.

And neither will you be able to reach your full potential or make the contribution that you are meant to if you find yourself working for too long in an environment that isn’t compatible with who you are.

Perhaps now is the time to change.

Perhaps now is the time to make a move.

So that you can be where you’re meant to be.

So that you can be who you’re meant to be.

So that you can make the difference that you’re meant to make.

Are you where you’re meant to be?

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