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Baseball is one of those sports that can be broken down into dozens of statistical categories.

RBI’s, ERA’s, H/9’s and AB/HR are just some of the obscure acronyms and categories that baseball fans drool over as they analyse and crunch the numbers of their favourite teams and players.

But for all of the numbers and percentages, every now and then something remarkable happens that can’t be predicted or explained.

It could be a home run from an unusual source, an incredible shutout from an under pressure pitcher or an amazing catch from an outfielder.

There are times when the numbers don’t tell the full story.

When the game just takes your breath away.

And that’s the romance of baseball.

Similarly, in most other ventures, there are a range of numbers and statistics that we can spend our days looking at and analysing.

Businesses obviously have their weekly and monthly reports and budgets that need to be closely examined.

Churches have their attendance figures and offerings to be counted.

Educational institutions have certain measurements that they use to define success.

But in the midst of the number-crunching and analysis, there is the potential for something to take your breath away.

Something that you couldn’t predict, that you can’t necessarily measure and that you may never see again.

Keep looking for these moments and don’t make sure that you notice them.

It’s these moments that add some romance to what you do.

And you don’t want to miss that!

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