Expensive restaurants consistently create amazing experiences for their customers.

The service they deliver is personal and polished.

The ambience creates space for memorable moments.

The decor is classy, often understated and always deliberately brilliant.

And like every other restaurant they serve food, often in smaller portions, but always to an elite standard.

And because they do everything better than the competition, they can justify charging more.

Extravagant experience = extravagant price = extravagant return.

If your business, church, school, cafe or sporting club is exactly the same as everyone else’s, why should anyone go there?

If you’ve plateaued and haven’t grown for a while, why not up the ante?

Be better!

At anything, if not everything!

Better service, better atmosphere, more professional delivery.

I know it’s not easy. If it was, everyone would be doing it.

But you’re not like everyone else are you?

You aspire to be different, to be unique, to build a reputation for excellence.

And in doing so, you differentiate from the rest, creating memorable experiences that will have phenomenal benefits for you and those you interact with.

Go on, be the expensive restaurant.

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