Diagram by Jessica Hagy

Jessica Hagy uses the line, “consider your epitaph, not your resume” as she describes how to find your calling.

It’s a reminder to make sure that what we do leaves a legacy and doesn’t just look good on a piece of paper.

To make sure that we build something that lasts, not just something that seems OK at the time.

To make sure that what we do benefits others and not just ourselves.

To make sure that we prepare ourselves for the long-term, not just the next role.

To make sure that our life matters and isn’t squandered on trivial activities or meaningless work.

To make sure that we live the life that we are called to live and not the one that well-meaning others expect us to live.

To make sure that we continue to strive to reach our dreams instead of just going through the motions.

To make sure that we choose the courageous path, not the convenient one.

And as someone who writes a lot of resumes for others, it’s a reminder to me that I don’t just want to help people to put down their past deeds on paper, but to assist them in reaching their career goals and inspire them to make a difference in the world through their work.

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