W6 class tram on route 30 in Victoria Parade

W6 class tram on route 30 in Victoria Parade (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In my hometown of Melbourne, trams are one of the major forms of public transportation.  They run along many of the main roads of the suburbs and city, delivering their passengers as they go.

When they are held up by a vehicle that is blocking their path, the driver rings a little bell incessantly until the offending car moves out of the way.

A few years ago, I had the privilege of visiting the great Russian city of Moscow.  It’s a city that also relies on trams for much of its public transport needs.

But when someone gets in their way, their drivers don’t politely ring a bell, they just barge their way through, leaving a trail of slightly dented cars in their wake.

To be successful in any area of life, we need to have goals that we are working towards, but inevitably, we will come across obstacles.

In these situations, we can be like the Melbourne tram driver, complaining about our situation to anyone who will listen and waiting for the problem to go away, or we can be like the tram driver from Moscow, choosing not to stop and pushing our way through towards our goals no matter what the issue is.

I’m not proposing that we become so single-minded and self-absorbed in our ambition that we treat others badly or become successful at the expense of others.

But the time has come to push through the barriers in front of you, moving inexorably towards your dreams.

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