You spend time watching TV.

You invest time reading.

You spend time back in the office after hours.

You invest time with your kids.

You spend time complaining with (and about) your co-workers.

You invest time with mentors and positive peers who inspire you.

You spend time on the couch.

You invest time exercising.

You spend time procrastinating and making excuses for not taking action.

You invest time doing something that takes you closer to your goals.

You spend time thinking negative thoughts and plotting revenge.

You invest time in prayer.

You spend time when you’re being self-indulgent.

You invest time when you’re using your abilities to contribute to others.

You spend time whenever you are unable to show the benefit of what you’re doing.

You invest it when your future self is better off for your endeavours.

It is OK to occasionally spend time (except for the complaining and plotting revenge options), just make sure that you don’t end up in debt when compared to the time that you’re investing!

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