Some people think that if they have more fascinating stories and anecdotes to tell, then they would be more interesting.

Or maybe if they drop a few names.

Or keep up with the latest trends.

Perhaps if they look more serious when they talk, or more enthusiastic.

But what I’ve found is that there is one way to become a more interesting person to those around you.

Be more interested in others!

Don’t tell long stories about yourself (or your kids, your job, the sporting prowess of your youth, your political or religious beliefs).

Find out more about the person, or people, that you’re with.

Instead of being the one with all of the clever answers, be the one with the insightful questions.

A funny thing happens when you do.

People will start to take more of an interest in you.

The less you try to bulldoze yourself into people’s lives, the more you will have a chance to get your message across and the better it will be received.

And when they walk away, they won’t be relieved to be away from you, they’ll be thinking, “What a fascinating person that was.”

Instead of people avoiding you in public places, they’ll look forward to seeing you again.

So if you find that people’s eyes glaze over when you’re talking to them and you want to become more interesting, simply start to take more of an interest in the lives of those around you.

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