Sometimes, we wonder to ourselves:

  • What if I was luckier?
  • What if my boss was nicer?
  • What if I was better looking?
  • What if I had more money?
  • What if I had the same opportunities as others?
  • What if no-one had ever said or done anything to hurt me?
  • What if I had tried harder at school?
  • What if others were more supportive of my aspirations?
  • What if my family situation was different?
  • What if I was born in another era?

Today, I want to ask a different question.

What if I maximised my potential today in my current situation?

I can’t control the responses to the other questions, but I can control the last one.

Let’s start asking ourselves the right “what if” questions and get rid of the excuses for not being our best.

Because life is less about our resources and more about our resourcefulness.

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