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I love the travelators at the airport.

When you’re tired after a long flight (or just feeling lazy), you hop on these moving walkways and they magically transport you to your destination without the need for any effort on your part.

I like to stand on them and watch the suckers who choose to walk.  They hustle and bustle, trying to carry their bags at the same time, while I float along easily.

However, while the travelators at the airport are a great convenience, there are times in life when we seem to find ourselves on one as well.

On the travelator of life, we sit back and let life take us where it wants to.

We float along and are surprised about where we end up.

We choose the easy option of giving up control of our destiny to others at the expense of freedom, responsibility, initiative and diligence.

We rely on the travelator for progress, not our own abilities and passions.

If you feel as though you’re just floating along in life, perhaps it’s time to get off the travelator.

It’s time to pick up your bags and do the grunt work of finding your God-given purpose and living it.

It’s time to take back control of your future rather than blame your boss, spouse, parents, kids, government or other external factors for your current situation.

It’s time to actively participate in life and change direction when required, not just passively cruise through, hoping that everything works out OK, despite your suspicions that it won’t.

Getting off the travelator is harder work, it takes more courage and some people will look at you funny when you do.

But it’s worth it in the end.

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