When you wake up in the morning, do you jump out of bed with energy and vitality or do you press the snooze button and wish that you could stay under the covers all day?

When you have an important task to complete, do you get it done immediately or find an excuse to leave it to the last minute?

When you have an important opinion that needs to be heard, do you speak out or do you shy away?

When you have an innovative idea, do you pour your energies into making it happen or do you pretend that the idea never existed?

When you walk into a room of key contacts, do you initiate conversations or do you sit in the corner, waiting for someone else to approach you?

When you need to have one of those “challenging” conversations at work, do you smile and do it straight away or do you hope that everything magically gets better without your intervention?

Those who are successful in almost every aspect of life are those who attack their tasks with energy and optimism.

The mediocre majority are those who retreat from life’s opportunities, hoping just to get by, unnoticed and unremarkable.

Do you attack life or do you retreat from it?

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