Every setback, every obstacle, every time you hear the word “No” could be an excuse to stop and give up.

Or they could be a barrier to success that you’re required to push past.

The most effective salespeople aren’t necessarily the most persuasive, they’re often the most persistent.

The most effective inventors don’t necessarily have the most ideas, they are able to work through every problem that arrives to come up with better solutions.

The most effective business leaders aren’t the ones who never have any setbacks, they’re the ones who keep going in spite of the apparent difficulties.

I want to remind you today that every setback can be an invaluable learning opportunity.

Every obstacle can build your resilience.

Every time you hear the word “No” takes you closer to the moment when you hear someone say “Yes.”

Every disappointment can be a character building moment.

Every crisis can give you a new method of dealing with problems.

Every time someone questions your capability can be an opportunity to prove them wrong.

Every failure can be recovered from.

Every time you lose your footing, people will be watching to see if you get back up again and will be inspired when you do!

Every time you give it your all and still fall short of your own expectations takes you closer to the moment when you shine magnificently if you don’t give up doing your very best.

Don’t allow life’s inconveniences to limit your ability to make a positive difference in the world.

Life isn’t about avoiding pain, it’s about learning to respond resourcefully when it inevitably comes.

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