A group of acorns.

A group of acorns. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

One of nature’s great miracles is that from something so small as an acorn, a massive oak tree grows.

It’s not an overnight event, but after years of nourishment and growth, the small seed becomes something large and impressive.

Sometimes, we can feel small and insignificant.

Sometimes, we can believe that we can’t be anything impressive or influential.

Sometimes, we can place limits on our potential to grow into something magnificent.

Let me encourage you today that in every acorn, an oak tree is waiting to grow.

Of course, we need the right conditions, but the advantage that we have over acorns is that we can place ourselves in situations where such growth is possible.

We can:

  • read great books.
  • get a mentor.
  • surround ourselves with people who will encourage us.
  • persist when nothing seems to go right.
  • learn how to send ourselves more positive messages about our capabilities.
  • find out what we are naturally wired for and pursue excellence in these areas.
  • try new strategies when the old ones aren’t working.
  • remove the limits that we place upon our dreams.
  • work on our goals every day.

In every acorn is an oak tree.

What are you doing today that will get you closer to maximising your potential?

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