In this Knowledge Age that we’re living in, it seems that we’re always available.

We’re constantly accessible via email, Twitter, Facebook and our ever-present smart phones.

But we can’t be available to everyone at once.  It’s just not possible, no matter how hard we try.

And we do try.

We try to pay attention to everyone, but if we’re distracted by one form of media, then we’re not giving someone else our full attention.

If you’re talking on the phone, you’re not available to the person in front of you.

If you’re reading Facebook, you’re not available to everyone else on your conference call.

If you’re checking your work email at home, you’re not available to your spouse and kids.

Sometimes, we worry about being available to people.

I’m more concerned about who I’m unavailable to.

Because they are often the people I want to be there for the most.

Are you unavailable to the most important people in your life because you have allowed yourself to be more available than you need to be?

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