A log in a fireplace.

A log in a fireplace. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As winter approaches here in Melbourne, the nights are getting colder and it’s been time to get the fire going to warm up the house.

I love a good fire and it’s been great to have the house nicely warmed up again, however, it’s slightly annoying to have to keep putting wood in to keep the fire burning.

But to keep the fire burning, you need to keep providing fuel.

No fuel, no fire!

The same is true when it comes to our motivation.

We need to keep fuelling the fire, or we lose the motivation to do we know we should to get closer to our goals.

We need to keep remembering why we do what we do.

We need to keep our goals in front of us.

We need to have other highly motivated people in our lives.

We need to keep generating momentum and celebrate our achievements (however small they may seem).

We need to read stories, books and blogs that give us ideas and inspire us to do more.

We need to keep fuelling the fire before the last flame flickers out.

What do you do to stay motivated?

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