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Cockroaches are disgusting insects.

They scurry around the floor, fitting into the smallest space imaginable and spreading disease.

They love dirty surfaces and thrive wherever there’s a mess.

And our first instinct is to step on them when we see them.

It seems like a reasonable thing to do.  See cockroach, step on cockroach.

But some people seem to spend their lives stepping on cockroaches and I think that it’s time for a different strategy.

Before you think that this is a diatribe about animal cruelty, hear me out.

It’s time to stop stepping on cockroaches and time to clean up the mess that attracts them.  If there was nothing for the vermin to feed on, you wouldn’t need to spend your days stomping around your kitchen.

I suspect that this is true for other aspects of our lives as well.

Perhaps it’s also time to stop spending your days disciplining your staff and time to reassess your recruitment strategies.

Perhaps it’s time to stop struggling to pay off your credit cards and time to work to a budget.

Perhaps it’s time to stop yelling at your kids and time to give them the attention they deserve.

Perhaps it’s time to stop reacting adversely to your short-term problems and start coming up with some long-term solutions.

Spend some time this week on dealing with the cause of your problems, not just the symptoms.

You may just find that the cockroaches disappear.

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