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The Dead Sea is an intriguing body of water.

With 33.7% salinity, it is eight times saltier than the ocean.  It is this high level of salinity that gives the Dead Sea its name, as no fish or aquatic plants are able to survive in such conditions.

The reason for such saltiness is that the Dead Sea has tributaries and rivers that channel water and minerals in, but no outlets to remove the water.  As a consequence, the dissolved salt increases over time.

What has that got to do with us?

One of the challenges of personal development is making sure that we don’t keep all that we are learning to ourselves.

I’ve seen a lot of very talented people who have been able to equip themselves effectively.  They have studied hard and worked diligently, enabling them to reach great heights.

But instead of sharing their wisdom with others, they view others with suspicion and insecurity, blocking the flow of knowledge.

Something very sad happens to people like that.

They have a tendency to become bitter, stagnant and isolated.

Much like the Dead Sea.

Don’t let that be you.

If you have a passion for personal development, take the time to mentor, coach and develop others as well.

For every piece of learning that you receive, find an audience to share it with others.

It will keep you fresh and help to make a positive difference in others.

What can you do today to pass on something valuable to those around you?

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