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Edwin Louis Cole once said, “You don’t drown by falling in the water; you drown by staying there.”

It’s a timely reminder that it’s not our problems that defeat us, it’s our inability to come up with resourceful solutions to them.

Sometimes, we get caught in the trap of focussing on our circumstances.

We think that we’re defeated and if we go on thinking that way, we are.

Let me encourage you today to keep your head above water, to keep swimming, to find a way to make it through whatever challenges are in your way.

It’s easy to allow one mistake to sidetrack our endeavours, but don’t let that happen to you.

One bad eating day doesn’t need to destroy your weight loss aims.

One bad customer interaction doesn’t need to hinder you from reaching your sales targets.

One negative comment doesn’t need to stop you from sharing your ideas.

One day of inaction doesn’t need to turn into a life of lethargy.

You may be down at the moment, but you don’t need to stay there.

Through persistence, a positive attitude, hard work and innovative ideas, you can come up out of the water.  Dripping wet and smiling!

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