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Some people enjoy picking blackberries.

They’re high in antioxidants and some love their flavour.

But there’s a risk involved.

Blackberry bushes have sharp thorns that can cause painful cuts to the picker.

However, the risk is worth it to those who love them.

Then there are those who enjoy these small berries who can’t bring themselves to risk the pain of the thorns, leaving us with two types of people.

Those who eat the fruit and have small scars to show for it.

And those who live without pain, but have empty stomachs.

Anything worth doing has pain attached to it.

The pain of discipline, hard work, sacrifice, criticism and risk-taking.

Alas, too many people prefer to take the comfortable path, the easy option, the safe way.

And they live with the regret of never achieving what they could (and should) if only they would risk a few abrasions.

Are you willing to do what it takes to pick the blackberries in your life?

Or are you going to sit there with an empty stomach?

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