It’s now summer here in Melbourne and whilst it’s been a mild one so far, it’s sure to heat up in the coming months with temperatures regularly reaching the high 30’s (or over 100 fahrenheit for my American friends).

When the first heat wave comes, air conditioners are suddenly sold in massive numbers as people realise that they need comfort from the heat.  They end up paying more, or having to wait for the next shipment as the store has sold out.

But why wait, don’t they know it’s coming?

If you’ve lived in Australia for more than a couple of years, you know that it’s going to get hot during summer and you’ll need an air conditioner.

But often we wait until it’s almost too late before taking action.

It’s like the person who gives up smoking after they’ve been diagnosed with lung cancer.

Or the person who starts to exercise after their first heart attack.

Or the person who starts to reach out to his family after he’s retired from work and has nothing better to do.

Or the person who goes to night school to increase his skills after he’s been made redundant.

Or the person who reaches out to God when her life is in crisis.

I believe that it’s never too late to take action, but it’s far more beneficial to do so before you really need to.

When should you buy an air conditioner?

Before the heat wave starts!

What’s your air conditioner today?

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