Dr. Tony Campolo

I’ve been a long-time admirer of Dr. Tony Campolo.

He’s a gifted story-teller and he constantly challenges Christians to live the life that we are called to.

At the time of this post going on-line, I’ll be listening to Tony live for the first time and I’m very excited.  This story is taken from his book, “Let Me Tell You a Story – Life Lessons From Unexpected Places and Unlikely People.”  I highly recommend it as it’s full of great stories and illustrations that he’s collected over the years.

In a make-believe story set in an American city during World War II, a program was organized to train volunteers in the skills of emergency first aid. There was a fear that if the city should be bombed there would not be adequate medical care available for the people who would be wounded.

There was one woman in the class who seemed bored and detached from all that was being taught. She was there out of a sense of obligation, but had no enthusiasm for learning.

One day, this particular woman showed up to the first-aid class bounding with enthusiasm.

She could hardly contain herself as she told the others in the class the source of her newfound excitement for the course.

She said, “This class never meant much to me until yesterday!  Yesterday, I was sitting on my front porch, when there was a horrendous automobile accident right in front of my house. The cars not only smashed into each other head-on, but bodies were thrown through the air. Everywhere there were people who were seriously injured. I saw blood everywhere I looked. The scene was horrible. It was so horrible I almost fainted.

Then I remembered what I had learned in this class—and I put my head between my legs and I didn’t pass out!”

It’s obvious the woman had missed the point.

She was not supposed to learn first aid just to take care of herself, but to be equipped to take care of others.

Similarly, many of us do not realise that the reason we are nurtured in the Christian faith is not just so we can handle the stresses and the strains of our own personal lives, but that we might be ready to meet the needs of others who suffer around us.

Thanks Tony!

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