At the end of the 2010 AFL season, the Geelong Football Club was being written off.

After a successful period that had resulted in two premierships in four years, they were in crisis.

Their star player, Gary Ablett, had signed a lucrative contract with the newly formed Gold Coast Suns and left.

Then their senior coach, Mark Thompson, surprised the football world when he walked out on his contract to take up an assistant coaching job with rival club Essendon.

The media labled them as too old and too slow.

The era was over.  Or so we all thought.

Clearly they had other ideas.

They brought in a new coach in Chris Scott, tinkered with their gameplan, worked with extra motivation during the off-season and resolved themselves to prove their critics wrong.

Everyone else had written them off, but they refused to believe what others said.

The consequences of their efforts was a magnificent victory in the 2011 AFL Grand Final.  It was an epic performance and one that places them as one of the greatest football sides of the modern era.

In our own lives there are occasions when others write us off.

It may be a boss who doesn’t believe in our capabilities.  It may be that those around us think that we’ve peaked.  Or it may be a set of circumstances that have worked against you.

George Patton once said, “You’re never beaten until you admit it.”

Don’t listen to the cynics.  Don’t let your circumstances define your future.

Just because others have written you off, don’t write yourself off as well.

Perhaps you just need to tinker with your gameplan, work extra hard and believe again in your capabilities.

Perhaps despite what others are saying or thinking, the best is still yet to come.

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