Camels are able to travel without water for much longer periods than horses.

Camels can carry heavier loads than horses.

Camels are less likely to bolt after being scared then horses.

Camels don’t need to be shod, so they can be less expensive to keep than horses.

However, camels have a reputation as being much more unpredictable, surly and stubborn than horses. As a consequence, people prefer horses.

In the workplace or any other organisation, it doesn’t matter how qualified, capable, efficient or knowledgeable you are.

If you’re grumpy, surly, argumentative, stubborn, short-tempered, moody, negative or emotionally unpredictable, people will almost always prefer to work with those who are easier to get along with.

If you want a flourishing career, to be a better salesperson or to be a more impacting leader, remember that people prefer horses to camels.

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