There’s a story of a farmer in Africa who heard of the abundance of diamonds that had been found across the continent.

In his enthusiasm, he sold his farm to pay for his search and ventured out to find his fortune.

For many years, he looked and looked, but never found the diamonds that he believed would make him the millions of dollars that he dreamed of.

Sadly, the farmer ended up broke and depressed, eventually taking his own life by drowning himself.

Meanwhile, the man who bought the farm had found an interesting lump of rock on his new property.

He didn’t give it much attention, placing it on his mantelpiece until a visitor noticed it and looked closer.

He scratched the surface and found a diamond underneath.

Excited, the new property owner searched his land and found a multitude of similar looking rocks, each turning out to be a diamond underneath.

It turns out that the farm was one of the most prolific sources of diamonds ever found on the continent.

Sometimes, we think that the grass is greener on the other side of the fence.

Sometimes, we think that if we change our external circumstances changed, all of our dreams would come true.

Sometimes, we overcomplicate life unnecessarily.

But often, everything that we need for success and all that we need to achieve our goals is within our reach just waiting for us to pay closer attention.

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